About Us

Hey, I'm Jash and I'm an artist. I have a beard. I'm a huge film buff! I love to travel. Places I have been...

Istanbul, London, New York, Rome, Cairo, Amsterdam, Porto, Marrakech, Mayan Riviera, Prague, Havana

Places I wish to go...Everywhere else!

So if you love talking about about films and travelling I'm all ears. I'll get the popcorn!

Hello I'm Enum, Popcorn Studios Creative Director, Photographer and Editor. Essentially I do everything and the boys are just here to look pretty. My job's the best! I get to meet the coolest people and be a part of their special day.

I love -travel -food -books -coffee

I'd love to go on a coffee date with you so we can have a good old chinwag! Let's connect!

Yo My name is Zane Malik, yes really, and I'm a photographer & graphic designer at Popcorn Studios.

My passions: - Fashion - Smoking Shisha - I am indeed the King! - Growing my 'Man-Bun' - Collecting Hats - for bad man-bun days. (you like the play on words, yes)... Want to get to know me? Lets shoot the shit!